An Intrinsic Love for CAPTURING

Magic Through The Lens

I’ve always had a love for storytelling and photography, ever since I got my hands on my first basic camera a young teenager. Everything was on expensive Fuji Colour or Agfa film so had to be extra careful of how I would capture a special moment, beautiful landscape or someone’s personality on paper and this always seemed a little bit like magic. For the past 8 years, I have been working on using that magic on indie film production outside my full time job. My film portfolio can be found on 

Anyway, for the past two years, my film scripts are stuck in my head and I have resorted to travelling to jump start things through inspiration and as a means to escape a beautiful, but concrete, city like London. 

A friend of mine said, “Tom, why don’t you write about your travels, it will be nice for you to see what you did or ate and where in years to come…” About 6 months later, I have finally decided to start this site in Aug 2019 for this reason and also to help fellow travellers with hopefully reliable and truthful travel information. I will slowly be adding information about places I have visited with photographs. 

Tom Luc Sahara
London, Sunday 11 August 2019

Places visited by end of 2019: